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Experimental Breakfast Dish


This morning I made another experimental dish, you know what? Maybe from the picture above you can little bit guess, well, yes, it is ONIGIRI RICE!

Onigiri is a traditional dish from Japan. It was said as an expensive food since the ingredients price is also high there in Japan, but here, in Indonesia, we could find the cheap ingredients so it’s not that difficult to make. 

Onigiri is simply an admixture rice ball that contain of admixture meat. So it seems like lemper in Indonesia. But not, it is not, the taste is different because there is nori seaweed that cover it, not the leaf of banana tree.

Its very simple, healthy, and delicious. Why I said simple, I wish you will know it later. Why is it so healthy? Because it is not containing any of MSG (as you wish) and also other harmful ingredient. Then, why delicious? Try it! 

The original ingredients are:

  1. Nori Seaweed
  2. Rice
  3. Salt
  4. Sesame oil
  5. Chicken (chest meat part, chicken fillet)
  6. Garlic
  7. Onion
  8. Black pepper
  9. Lengkuas (what ya lengkuas in English? Well, forget it)

:: Here is the step ::

*We separate the admixture rice ball and the admixture meat making procedures*

1. Admixture rice ball

– Cook the rice, don’t enter it to the rice cooker before 10 minutes soaked (?) in the water. This will  make the rice sticky so that it become easy to be shaped.

– After the rice cooking is done, let it for about 5 minutes to heal the heat.

– Mix rice with salt and sesame oil adequately (as you wish).

2. Admixture meat

– Boil the water, put the chicken meat in it.

– After the chicken meat is already stewed, lift and mince it randomly.

– Mash the seasoning (salt, garlic, onion, black pepper).

– Fry the mashed seasoning with lengkuas.

– Put the minced chicken meat in the fried seasoning.

– Lift it.

*Use the plastic to avoid stickiness on your hand*

1. After all admixture ingredients are ready, use the plastic to cover your hand.

2. Take an amount of admixture rice, pour it on your palm, and press it gently and comprehensively.

3. Take the admixture chicken meat at the core of pressed rice.

4. Cover the admixture chicken meat with the rest of the pressed rice.

5. Shape it circling to become like ball shape.

6. After the shaped rice ball is done, cover it with nori seaweed.

7. And its already done. The process is finish after you decorate your plate as you wish.

Simple right? Anyway, you can replace my admixture meat advise if you are allergic with chicken, by fish for example. Take it easy. Onigiri is a flexible food, hehe. Just try it at home, and you will feel the sensation of Japan (lol, this is too much part).

Happy Breakfast! 😀 😀 😀


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