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Special Tuna Perkedel



This morning, I decided to make my own dish, actually for breakfast. I went to the traditional market. I would like to make “Tuna Perkedel” or in Indonesian, Perkedel Tuna. This is one of my favorite foods that have been being made by me these lifetime years. I got the recipe from a magazine namely Majalah Aulia, a magazine for muslimah. There are some pages specialized for displaying food innovations, which one of them is this food.

In the market, I bought one-four of fresh Tuna, it costs Rp 12.000,-, white pepper, a half ounce of garlic and red onion. Its kind of minimization of amount since I still cook merely on the behalf of my own self. Oh ya, I went to Pal Market in Depok City. So, if you want to buy the same thing especially the Tuna itself, you could calculate it first from the little information I gave  before.

Then, the cooking is beginning, here is the ingredients:

1. Tuna 1/4 gram

2. Potatoes (about 5 to 6)

3. Egg (1)

4. White pepper adequately

5. Salt adequately

6. Red onion 2 cloves

7. Garlic 2 cloves

Here is the procedure of Tuna Perkedel making:

1. Steam the sliced Tuna, then lift it. 

2. Fried the sliced potatoes, also lift it.

3. Mash the seasoning include of the salt, pepper, garlic, and red onion.

4. Mash the Tuna.

5. Mash the Potatoes.

6. Mix the mashed Tuna, mashed Potatoes, and the seasoning in one crock.

7. Shape it.

8. Shake the egg.

9. Pour the shaped perkedel (mixed ingredients) to the shaked egg.

10. Fried all the shaped poured perkedels.

11. Lift them and serve in the favorite way.

I like to cook with my own self because I need to make sure the food I eat. Especially for the higienity, the halal condition, the amount, the price, and the advantage. Like this food, alhamdulillaah. Tuna gives much omega 3 and good sea protein, and potatoes give carbohydrate adequately. Even though I still not sure if we could mix between sea and land food. I ever heard that its not good if we combine eating sea and land food in one time. Well, I hope the egg is not giving much impact because the amount is very low. 

This is rather simple, just try it. May this recipe benefited you, my friend! 🙂


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