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Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens was the former name of Yusuf Islam, a British song writer and singer. His debut was popularly booming in UK and US in 1970s. Now, he is a philanthropist singer after his conversion into Islam. In his previous life, he was a career seeker and has an obsession to be a great singer. He felt into hospital because of tuberculosis disease and contemplated a lot for his real destination. This deep contemplation changes his perspective of life and genre of his song. Its become more humanist and meaningful. He then tried to influence the music world with his own way of music. 

After his hard work to create a value in song, he reached many awards and was being rewarded by music industries of UK and US. One day, He traveled to the Marrakesh, Morocco for holiday and questioned for the voice of adzan he heard there. He thought that there isn’t such a motive of singing (he thought that adzan was resemble with sing). What he knew was music is for money, for fame, and personal power. One day, he experienced airplane accident on the sea of Malibu. He swore to God that he will work for Him if he could safely got into the edge of the coast. Suddenly he felt a wave pushed him into the coast, and he was saved.

It brought him to travel into spiritual journey. He entered Buddhism, Zen, Astrology, Numerology. He began to be a vegetarian. Until one day, his brother, David, brought him a Quran from his trip to Jerusalem for his birthday gift. Then, he converted into Islam and has been practicing Islam since that time (1977), became the munsyid of many Islamic songs. 

He still gets the commission of his past albums, and he transfers it into philanthropic activities in developing the Muslim education in UK and helping overcome the famine in Africa. He abandoned his popularity since the music business practice was in some way, against Islamic rule, he decided. But he is not stopping in producing song and earn money for the donations. 

Finally, I really amazed by his life, and also his eagerness to find the truth of his life destination. He dare to abandon his personal status for Islam. He was just like Khalid bin Walid who really care to the financial condition of Muslim world. He is one of my favorite singers. His songs were touchy and full of meaning. Just check ‘Father and Son’, a dialogue between a patient old father and his bloody young son. The way he articulate as the father and the son could be differentiated. Very brilliant.

God is the reason why we leave everything, especially the most thing we love. 

This is he, before and after converted to Islam.


Also, this is the comparation of his songs before and after converted to Islam:




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