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Ambassador Attallah Shabazz


Ambassador Attallah Shabazz is the eldest daughter of Malcolm X, a human right activist defending black people in USA. This woman is very inspirational and tough. She has been experiencing a hard life time since directly saw his dad being killed at her age of six. She grew up under a label of the radical man’s daughter and ever felt into deep diffidence while entering school. 

Yet, she is very tough woman, a multi-talented person. She was once deepening her ability at art and linguistic until she found her personal niche in public speaking. She is the alumni of United Nations International School majoring international law and become an ambassador and film producer at once now. Her voice articulated clearly, and while delivering speech, she could point out her idea toughly. Her words just like a chain of high quality intellectual product. Simply, she is cool.

The other important thing is that she is a muslim. She build the pilgrimage foundation to holy place (Makkah). She also trusted to hold the intercultural engagement as she has interacted with a vary of multi-background people.

A lesson I could learn from her is that, to be an influential person, we need to maximize our given potency. Socially engaged with people resemble mission will bring us to the effectiveness of our struggle. She has spent 35 years traveling the world and now she is making a close friend with Luther’s daughter that was also struggling the same value in deteriorating humiliation.

Simply, I want to say I admire Shabazz, she is the representation of the toughness and the independence of woman. I want to be an influential professional ambassador several years ahead like her, for the sake of eternal value of God. She said, “It is within you to be ALL that your dreams imagine.”


4 comments on “Ambassador Attallah Shabazz

  1. Prince Bafana Ngubeni
    July 31, 2014

    after reading the autobiography of Malcom X, of which is probably the first book I have ever had a chance, let alone time to fix my eyes on….It is my humbled honor to have an opportunity to scribe this post to one of the daughters of one of the most influencial man ever to grace planet earth, Mr Malcom X. Having read such an amazing, motivational, inspiring and life changing book of the about a man with whom I feel we share common interest and vision, “Unity”….. I am encouraged, motivatated,inspired to trod on every living day to do something, if not everything to move the world, if not change it. Im not a writer by profession but after reading this book, I’m inspired and strongly feel that I have a lot to share with the world, if not somebody somewhere, just like I had been spoken to via this wonderful book. I have always loved Mr Malcom X before even reading, actually ever since I saw a clip his movie which I’m yet to see and I rate him high. it is pleasing to me to see his work, ideology and philosophy being carried out as He would had. I so wish to meet with you Attallah Shabazz one day and I know God willing we will…. thanks and may God bless all you endeavors in keeping the legacy of my favorite man on planet earth. All the best! my alternative contact are:071 801 0217 and I’m from South Africa

    • khaulahlyn
      July 31, 2014

      First of all, thanks for leaving any comment on this post. I actually haven’t read the full autobiography of Malcolm X. What I know is that he is a brave and visioner man. I agreed for any opinion saying that he has an impact to the world. Yes he is. He had a value to deliberate human thought about the unequal right. He is truly human right activist. Simply I adore him. May God bless him.

      You’re very welcome. Hope this post benefited you. I admire Atallah Shabazz too for her independent soul and thoughts. May God ease us to keep the peace at this earth. Keep this value and do change. Warmest greet from Indonesia! Salam!

      • khaulahlyn
        July 31, 2014

        I could read how is your feeling, judging from your writing. The thing is, the most important one I think, our act, even the little one, to keep going forward, to keep learn and learn to be a better human. To keep help others growing, to humanize human. To respect others. Do you agree?

    • khaulahlyn
      July 31, 2014

      *liberate not deliberate

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