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Don’t Talk to Me about Muhammad?

An islamic Song Sang by Dawud Wharnsby Ali from Canada. It is talking about an old woman who was being helped by a young man to bring her loads. She told him not to talk about Muhammad SAW to her. She is really upset to Muhammad SAW. They come along together and the old woman keeps saying it. The young man just always put his smile toward her and for what she’s said. In the end of the part, the old woman ask the young man’s name. Surprisingly he is Muhammad SAW itself. The old woman see by her eyes that Muhammad is not of what she’s told about before, he is very patient and polite, then she make a syahadat, the ticket for entering Islam. Subhanallah Its adopted from a hadits (behavior inheritance) of Muhammad SAW.


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This entry was posted on December 14, 2012 by in Art in Islam.
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