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I just wanna express myself in a positive way ;)

Hi! I want to write! :) (a semi-formal writing)

This is the break point I choose for preparing my self transformation to be a long lasting writer. Lately I feel something was deeply missing from my life, I felt not happy. But after that I found the answer after I read my writings in past blog which has not been being renewed by any post in a long range of time. They are not the good ones, but remind me of something I have planned long time ago that has to be done, my destination. Since that time I think I should write many more writings with better formulation.

Writing is our expression, the expression of giving inspiration and much benefit for others. It is not for populating or promoting our own name, its for relieve our self and for evaluating our life. Its also for living the life of many people, for the nations, for the world. How will the impact is depending on the purpose and the ideas we put on it. And for me, the best writing is the one which could develop our brain and confidence besides inspire others massively in other side.

Not all people will be like our writing because of their different backgrounds, some of English lovers (like me?) might like to read a writing written in English, some are not. Some of academic people might to seek the hard and high way of  writing, some might just want to read a daily life writing with easy words. I have my own way of writing, but I need to upgrade it more and more to be the steady and  inspirational. The more we read, the more we write.

I see it is cool to be a writer such as Andrea Hirata, Ahmad Fuadi, Asma Nadia, or some others Indonesian productive writers. They could tell their ideas and they live the life with it. They upgrade themselves time to time and  thinking how to tell the ideas in the best way. Writing than become a process, process of self maturation and brain enrichment. Both are important way to encourage the good habits of reading.

Well, then I said to my self not to be lazy in reading and always write, write, write the good substantial things and welcome in the writing “land”! Hope I can give benefit to many people and living my life for my Creator, my  source of life. Love Allah so much. Bismillah.




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This entry was posted on November 1, 2012 by in My Hobbies.
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