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Obama oh Obama

obama'sAlhamdulillah I had a chance to met Obama in 10th of November 2o10. I was suprised by an SMS told that I could attend for Obama speech. It was my first time to meet Obama and I was happy for that.

On his speech he told that Indonesia is a full of tolerant spirit country, Muslim as the majority religion could live together with non majority religion with peace, its proved by the constitution of Indonesian Republic, besides, Indonesia is a potential emerging middle class to have a big market. Indonesia truly seen as “friend” for America.

From the speech I could also got that Indonesia is an important country for US. But I noted that President SBY should have a firm position toward America, they’ve exploited us in many aspects so please, save Indonesia. For the sake of our future, Indonesian future and Indonesia existence.


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This entry was posted on November 12, 2010 by in International Affairs.
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