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pannel discussion, what a great discussion!

This  morning, I attended a panel  discussion in my campus, with the very interesting theme that never fade away from nowadays discussion, it’s about “Responding to Climate Change: The Indonesian and North American States  Perspectives”. The panel was held by The Indonesia -American Friendship Association (IAFA). It’s about how to tackle climate change and what should we do as individual in dealing with it. Little information about IAFA, it is a non-profit organization that purely connecting people to people of Indonesia and U.S. It’s pure  about culture, no politic orientation, no religion influence, etc. Its fund is from fund raising, and donation from the member as they willing.

Then, there were two session of the panel by different presenter, first session was presented by Mrs. Janet Weeda and Mrs. Sandra Sembel. Mrs. Janet Weeda is originally from United States and and Mrs. Sandra Sembel is originally from Indonesia. Both were talking about climate  change as in individual perspective. The second session was presented by three people of government, first, Mr.  Richard  Bale, Senior Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada, second is Mr. Everardo Corona Aguilar, Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of Mexico, and third, Mr. Nicholas Throckmorton, Environmental Liaison, U.S embassy.

Mrs. Sandra started her presentation with testing audience knowledge to guess from two box in slide which are both consist of 5 countries, she ask about the box that contain of eco-friendly countries, first box is Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Costa Rica, and (forget), second box is contain of some developed country like US, UK,  Germany, etc, etc. We said together “the first box!”, and well, that’s true, the first box is contain of eco-friendly countries because they using less energy of soil and throw less emission with creative complementary eco-friendly actions. According to her, there are 5 kinds of solutions for climate change which are eco-lifestyle, eco-technology, eco-business, eco-mindset, and eco-education. Those are will be achieved after we start it by our self. Mrs. Janet complement it,  she said she agreed to the statement it has to be started by our self, like using paper in both side, using reusable thing when we go shopping, etc. She said it not easy to change our habit, but if there is a will, there is a way.

Other three persons of government emphasized on what their country has prepared for the COP 16 in Cancun, those three agreed about cutting the emission and try to commit with that, but, from the experience, U.S. was disagree with the policy, the representative of U.S. embassy clearing it that U.S. considering many things, many things that couldn’t conducted by U.S. at that time, etc!

From the discussion, I realize, I should struggle to keep this earth that had been given by Allah, whatever your background, we should work together, especially for Indonesia’s land, the situation is so complicated, then I should change first from myself, than invite another known or unknown people (Btw after that, for the many times, I did telling somebody to put the trash at the trash bag, not on street). Then, Indonesia, Mrs. Sandra said, contain of more than 250 million people, it will be very big power to keep this earth beautiful.  I agreed, but many of Indonesian should have a better life and education first, that’s the matter.



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