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Where are you Dhika?

I remember a friend of mine namely Dhika, she is a very brave  girl, I met her and close to her when I was in elementary school, she was new student in 3rd grade, and now, I miss her. It’s been a very long time I didn’t meet up with her. She moved from school to Surabaya city. I even never been hear her news, she never tell me, I don’t know where she is now.

Actually, I deeply love her as my best friend, she is, like I’ve said before, very brave, we have the same favorite food, kind of chips, spicy, and red. Hmmm. We  used to play together, cheer up each other and gossiping another (lol, still in jahilliyah life). I enjoyed that time, a lot. My other friends ask me, how I could I got close to her, she is like wild person, lol too much, she is beautiful though, she just too brave to face other.

But it’s far, far ago, and now,   I miss her. I remember she ever showed me her photo with her friends, near a big stone. She wore a sailor moon costume, lol, that in time when sailor moon (girls hero from Japan) spread its influence to many little girls, was like me and some friends. I liked Sailor moon, I liked her secret admirer, Masky Taksido. For addition, my father has a best friend called Mr. Muna, he is from Germany, he used to come to my home to visit my family, and a  part I liked was the  sailor moon dress he gave to me.

Back to Dhika, I might forget her full name, her clear face, but I will never forget my experience with her. “I will always remember you Dhika,  it like, we need 1 minute to know somebody, but need the whole life to forget her/him. May Allah always protects you.” ❤

I’m offline, have some works.  Will doing swim tomorrow, yeay, insyaAllah, if I have finished my work. Happy to meet you, world!



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