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my weekend!

Today is a lil bit tired day, I’d just left home and went to an islamic scholarship institution called Hidayatul Islam,  its about 4 hours to reach Hidayatul Islam building by bus then red angkot 19 (a little public transportation like car). So long, I was asleep at the bust after read my assignment.

After arrived, after I late for some couple of minutes, the condition was so enthusiastic, the students were preparing for their presentation. They presented well,  still lil bit shy but cannot hide the potential inside. In Hidayatul Islam, I play a role as one of 7 persons that running a project called English Session of Bina ABG (standing for Bina Akhlak Bangun Generasi). We are seven, 3 sister (consist of me, Sis Widy, and Sis Dewi) and 4 brethen (Bro Arif, Bro Rizki, Bro Eros,and Bro Yasir).  Bina ABG itself is the whole project consist of Tahsin Qur’an, Islamic Mentoring, and also English Mentoring. Today, the English Session scheduled as the second session, we late about 25 minutes  from the limit time because brother Arif thought that we are the last session.

We got meeting after the session end with some voluntary teachers (we are voluntary organizers). Until about 14.00 pm. After that I back to my “free of charge” house whose inhabitant is include me and other 30 sisters (1 of them is supervisor). At that time the condition was rain, with angkot I back home with sister Dewi. I Stop in bengkel beside my “FOC” house and sister Dewi continue her journey till her house.

Becek! the rain made soil like mud, my shoes got dirty because of that. I used the way to go directly behind the house to avoid something I don’t like to face. O Allah please close this ‘***. yeay, finally I feel  my room that being  left for 1 day.  Alhamdulillah. O ya, for addition, my room is outside the prime room, and at the corn of the corridor, wiew, in front of my room is a big tree called sukun tree. I’m afraid of that but Allah always with me, safe me from something danger. Then after take a breath, I brought my laptop to the prime room and go online, listening for many couple of times the  one legacy radio archived  show.  I found my self  so happy listen to that.

I found new spirit of youth when I listen to the OLR, alhamdulillah, from that, I got many friends,  brothers and sisters in Islam. By this couple of days, I’m  addicted to listen at “In the Mix” with DJ halal and bro Sami Matar, in the morning. I listen at that with  my sisters in my “FOC”  house which usually we call it as dormitory. Once, Sister Mezwyn, a sister from Malaysia, connected me with OLR by skype. Waw masyaAllah, cool! but unfortunately, after I hear the replay, my  sound was abstract, very unclear (I’m sorry brothers and sisters). But over all was happy ^^, alhamdulillah.

In the night, I decided to go to giant to  buy little lamp, to enlighten my bed  because I sleep in the below bed of two above  and below bed. And now I’m about offline and continuing on my assignment.

There is a dua in the break of my time, hope Allah  protects people I love. Especially  my mother  that had just back from Bandung City.

Then, assalamu’alaikum to all MUSLIM! in this  world, hope Allah always loves us, lets thinking about Allah  everytime we breath. Thanks to “you”. You brought my life, become more fun! 🙂 jzkllah.


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