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Brief Greetings: Hello World!

Hello WorldHello world! I’m Nisa from Indonesia. This is my first post in this blog. Exactly this blog is not the first one, but I’m tryin’ to focus on this as an international open blog. I don’t know why I create a blog like this, but it’s simply because I’m encouraged by a sense that all of us might be ever feel it. A sense (don’t know  if I could use this phrase) that could give you more power, between person to his God or a person to another. You know what?

Besides, I’m an International Relations student of University of Indonesia and I have a lot of interest in International issues. Even though I’m not too active in my class, I have a big concern about it. For me, International Relations is like a very wide knowledge that contain of related occurrence and is a “will be never end” knowledge.

Why am I studying about International Relations? You know? Its about pursue all message of my prophet in Islam, Muhammad  (PBUH), about what should and obligate for us to be learned. He said we have to learn literature, Geography, and History. Those three are important knowledge that will help us in developing our nations. And you know, those messages are include in International Relations course that have been being learned by me! But actually, not all issues are true so that we have to be selected on that.

I’m also interested in sport and music. I have been practicing swim since I was in elementary school, I also was once active in basket ball activity but I leaved it since I entered the univ. Seems basket ball very hard for me because have no partner on that and also no facilitation like in junior and senior high school (I’m considering about the distance because my univ area is very big and the basket ball field  is in a part of it  which is very far from my house).  Eh, I’m not  living in my own house exactly but in a “free of charge” house that provided by a scholarship institution (see http://www.ppsdms.org). About Music, sorry, no offend for west music lover, but I prefer to love nasheed, an islamic music. Such as Maher  Zain’s, Sami Yusuf’s, Yusuf Islam’s, etc. Recently I’m listening a lot to a muslim radio called One Legacy Radio that facilitate me in listening those music (see http://www.onelegacyradio.com). I like all programs of it, but kinda verve in In The Mix program with DJ Halal (see http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000904768251&ref=ts) and brother Sami Matar (see http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000904768251&ref=ts#!/sami.matar). If you a  muslim youth you must be very like with this program 😀 (http://www.onelegacyradio.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=14&Itemid=194). Eh ya, I was once included in nasheed team while in senior high school namely Nafila (with 6 personnel). Placing alto voice, also ever practicing guitar and organ for one year.

This blog will be contained by many topics. Let’s have fun! Just keep it halal! (DJ  Halal).


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